FOHATC fees and charges


Who is admitted to the centre?

  1. Persons who are addicted or abusing drugs, alcohol and other chemical substances and;
  2. Who are legally of adult age as per Kenyan law and;
  3. Who are voluntarily consenting or are legally consented for admission to the centre and;
  4. Who have no disability that would make their stay at the centre difficult to support and;
  5. Who do not require to be accompanied to the centre or is a dependant person



In addition a client to be admitted at the centre must:-

  1. Voluntarily commit to abstain from alcohol and other drugs or substances.
  2. Accept to undergo treatment for all the set period.
  3. During admission registration, be accompanied with by least one immediate family member who will agree to support the treatment process and commit to the same in writing.

Contact us for more admission information. For more information about admissions please contact us by telephone or e-mail using the details provided in the Contacts.



Our centre in Syokimau suburb of Mlolongo Township is open daily and admission to the centre is on voluntary basis for all persons male and female who are suffering from all kinds of addiction.

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Fees and Charges

Below is a schedule of current fees and charges for our services.


Service Category

Charges (Kshs)



Admission Fee and Multi-disciplinary Intake Assessment

10,000 (one-off)


Bed,  Food,  Social Amenities, 

Counselling and Psychotherapy charges

2,500 daily


Withdrawal Treatment & 2-weeks Detoxification Treatment Charges 

Average fee of Kshs. 65,000 (one-off).

Note:- The exact fee will be specified as per individual needs after the intake assessment.


Other charges e.g. medical consultations and procedures, laboratory tests and prescription  medicines, referrals and anti-abuse implants etc.

To be specified as per individual needs


Discharge Fee 

5,000 (one-off)


   *Note:- Please take note that the minimum recommended period for rehabilitation to be effective (and therefore the minimum period of stay at the rehabilitation centre) is 90 days.

Detoxification is an in-patient medical process of weaning an addict's body off the harmful effects of substance abuse and it normally lasts one-two weeks as per individual needs.