History of FOHATC

In the two years leading to its founding in 2009, a group of five counselling psychologists who were also former classmates, mothers to their families  and family friends started a touring and motivational speaking club.

They aimed to visit and know each other's home regions and in the process meet, speak to and motivate young people and women self help groups in the regions they visited. They visited their rural home regions of Central, Eastern and Rift Valley Provinces of Kenya.

In the course of their visits they encountered recurrent evidence of rampant drug and alcohol abuse especially among the youths in all the provinces they visited. They concerted and thought out an idea of opening up institutions to rehabilitate the affected people and empower communities to reverse the trend of rising substance abuse and addiction.  

FOHATC was founded by three of these peers as the initial step in this broad initiative. It opened its doors in 2009 located in Kikuyu Town in Central Province of Kenya and immediately started admitting recovering addicts as well as conducting community anti-substance abuse sensitization campaigns in the surrounding community.

By end of the year 2012 the centre had admitted 28 clients, successfully rehabilitated 16, carried out 8 community sensitization campaigns in 3 districts of Central Province and had re-organised itself to meet all legal requirements as stipulated buy the national addiction rehabilitation regulatory authority NACADA.

The centre has ever since continued to grow in strength and to accommodate this growth the FOHATC centre moved to a bigger premise in Syokimau surburb of Mlolongo Township along the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway in the year 2014 where it is now located.