Admission and Charges

We run a very customer-centric admission process that includes the following steps and fees:

1. Initial Enquiry

Our office phone numbers are +254 796 656300 / 0721 723514 /0724 483124. You may call us at any time of the day to confirm availability of a treatment opportunity and to book an appointment when we can assess your patient.

2. Patients' Assessment

We usually conduct an initial assessment to determine the severity of addition and to document the patient's health condition, which serves as the pre-treatment baseline. This involves a number of specialised medical tests for which we charge a standard fee of Ksh. 10,000.

3. Treatment Fees

Should it be determined that the patient can benefit from our addiction treatment services, we take the patient in for the residential treatment programme. Treatment charges are as follows:
i. Boarding, food and Psychotherapy - Ksh. 75,000 per month.
ii. Detoxification - Ksh. 65,000
iii. Naltrexone Implant - Ksh. 90,000 (optional)
iv. Treatment of pre-existing conditions - charged per condition
v. Discharge Procedure after completion of treatment - Ksh. 5,000.

Conditions for Admission

We admit both male and female patients who:
1. Are addicted to, or are abusing drugs, alcohol and other substances.
2. Are of legal adult age as per the Kenyan law.
3. Voluntarily consent or are legally consented for admission to the centre.
4. Can remain at the centre without any need to be accompanied by a third party.
5. Voluntarily commits to abstaining from alcohol, drugs and substance abuse.
6. Committed to undergoing treatment for the entire prescribed duration.

NB: During admission, the patient must be accompanied by at least one immediate family member who agrees to support the treatment process and commit to the same in writing.

Payment Instruction

In order to guarantee service delivery to your patient and to maintain our quality standards, we require upfront payment. This applies to the pre-admission Assessment, as well as treatment fees. Since we do not accept cash payments at our offices, you may kindly make the payment in two ways:

1. Cheque or cash payment to our Bank Account
Acc. Name: Fountain of Hope Treatment Centre
Acc. No.: 01148487472800
Bank: Cooperative Bank
Branch: Langáta

2. Pay via the Co-op Bank's Lipa na Mpesa, Pay Bill No: 400200
Enter Account No: 01148487472800
Forward the confirmation SMS to our Administrator’s No: 0724 483124.

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